What is Singleinthecitykitchen?

No this is not a dating site for chefs….although that isn’t a bad idea. Singleinthecitykitchen is for all of those 20 somethings out there who are just learning how to live on their own. It applies to all people just starting to navigate life regardless of whether you’re single, taken, have a roommate or just have a cat (in my case I just have a cat). Mom and dad aren’t making dinner for us anymore and there are no more college dining halls. It is hard enough having to balance starting a career and having a social life. It can be extremely tempting to order food in every night or go to one of the many fabulous restaurants your city has to offer (Philly actually has the best food). Neither is good for your wallet or your diet. This is a compilation of recipes I have come up with that can be made in single or smaller portions or frozen for later use. I try to present a balance of healthy and indulgent foods while using some trendy ingredients and some standard ingredients everyone has in their pantry. I hope you find these recipes easy to make and easy to love.



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