Bunless “Reuben” Burger

Okay, so I am not sure I have ever actually had a Reuben sandwich but the other night when I was ordering groceries (yes, I often order groceries for delivery since I have no car and live in the city, a girl can only carry so much at once) the idea of a Reuben popped into my head. So I made sure to add some swiss, sauerkraut and Russian dressing to my cart. I figured what is not to like? Once the delivery was made, it was time for me to cook something. I am not the biggest corned beef fan so I wanted to pair the traditional ingredients up with a meat that I like better….and so was born the bunless “Reuben” burger. You could totally  put this on a bun or some toasted rye bread and it would be great but I didn’t need the extra carbs tonight.

1 burger patty (I used a Bubba Burger sweet onion patty)

1 slice of swiss cheese

2 tbs of sauerkraut

1 tbs of Russian dressing

1 handful of Alexia fries (optional)

If you decide to make fries as your side get them in the oven first and bake according to package. Next heat up your grill pan. I like using Bubba burgers because you can cook them frozen, no need to thaw, so that is super easy for me but any patty will work. Cook according to package or desired doneness. In the last minute or so place 1 tbs of sauerkraut directly onto the burger. Next layer your piece of swiss cheese followed by the other tbs of kraut. The layers will allow the kraut to warm up and the cheese to melt everything together.

Once the cheese is melted you can plate your burger and top it with the Russian dressing. Super easy. Put some extra dressing on your plate to dip your fries in!

Please note the kitty spatula 🙂

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